Herbal-Ayurvedic uses of Periwinkle or Vinca Minor plant

Periwinkle (Vinca Minor ) also known as Vinca is a genus of flowering plants in the family of Apocynaceae, native to Europe, America,  Northeast Africa & Southeast Asia. Its oldest English name was ‘Parwynke’ and it is also called ‘joy of the ground’. This plant takes its common name from attractive blooms that dot the foliage in April to May. It is an evergreen plant that flowers 12 months a year. This so beautiful flowering plant beautifies your home and health because it has so many herbal uses.

In ‘Ayurveda’ it is used to cure so many deadly deceases like diabetes, Cancer (breast cancer and bladder cancer) etc.  But for diabetes patients it is most effective.

Note: There are only two varieties that used for herbal uses that are white color periwinkle and Pink color Periwinkle, other color variety are also developed now but we have to use only white and pink color flowering plant.

garden punjab-landscaping-periwinkle-for-diabetesPhoto: Pink color periwinkle


Botanical Details:

The Latin name of these two plants that used for herbal purpose are:

  • Lochnera Rosea and
  • Vinca Rosea


Let’s know this plant in depth:


Latin Name: Lochnera Rosea

English Name: Periwinkle

Sanskrit Name: Sadafuli (सदाफूली)

Hindi Name: Sadabahar (सदाबहार)/Barahmasi(बारहमासी)


An erect herb 30-60 Cms hight, with simple opposite leaves and white or rosy flowers.


Parts Used:

Wholeplant, Leaves, Roots, and flowers.


Taste: Bitter


Chemical Constituents:

Plant Contains: Indole alkaloids-vincamine, Bis-Indole alkaloids-Vinblastine, Vincristine, Aracidic Acid, Behenicacid, Lauricacid, Linoleicacid, Oleic Acid, Palmiticacid and stearic acid (seeds).

Stem Contains:

Beta-Sito sterol, Ursolicacid; about one hundred alkaloids are found in this plant.


Laxative, Aastringent, Tranquilizer, Hypotensive.

Herbal Uses:

Leucomia, Menorrhagia, In Cancer treatment of breast and bladder, Pediatric Tumour, Cardiotonic, Haemorhagic disease, Diabetes; Flowers cures fistula.

(Source: Ayurveda ka praan vanaushadhi vigyaan by Brmhavarchas)


For Diabetes & Cancer:

The remedies mentioned below are helpful for curing Diabetes & Cancer both but have more benefits for curing diabetes.

Diabetes is a dangerous decease in which sugar or Glucose levels buildup in blood stream which causes insufficient insulins in the body. These insulins are used to carry sugar into body cells where this sugar is used for energy.

There is cure for diabetes and one can balance blood glucose levels with diet, exercise & medications (like Insulin Therapy, Metformin etc.).

Allopathic medicines give quick relief but this relief is temporary and sometimes these medicines give health effects to other body parts also but ‘The Ayurveda’ has different approach for curing such deceases. Here I’m discussing some Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes using Periwinkle plant.

  1. Take one piece of bitter melon (Karela). (Karela is not a common vegetable in English speaking countries, its other names are bitter ground, bitter ground, bitter squash and balsam pear, if you are unable to predict this vegetable then please see this image given below).


garden punjab-lawn care-bitter melon-karelaPhoto: Bitter Melon (करेला)

  1. Take one medium Tomato.
  2. Take one small cucumber.
  3. Wash them completely with hot water.
  4. Take 5-7 Periwinkle flowers
  5. Now take them all in mixer Grinder or juicer and mix or juice it.

Now your juice is ready, simply drink it.

garden punjab-tea cup-garden maintenance

It is very effective and it also gives the following additional benefits:
  • It reduces kidney related problems.
  • It reduces urine problems
  • It takes out toxic products from body
  • It purifies blood and makes skin natural

Overall it gives so many health benefits, the main problem in taking the juice is its bitterness but take it without any hassle as it has no side effects because it is natural home remedy.


If vegetables are not available and have no time to prepare as mentioned above then in this case you can take flowers or leaves of Periwinkle simply with water. Take 2-3 flowers or 2-3 leaves of periwinkle with water.  It tastes bitter and you feel vomiting like situation for a minute but just take it with water.

garden punjab-lawn care-periwinklePhoto: White color Periwinkle

Everyone can use this herb because it works as blood purifier and takes out the toxins from body and makes health & skin natural

Honeybee Sting (मधुमक्खी के डंक मारने पर):

When honeybee stings, the milk of vinca flowers is used to reduce swelling.

Body weakness/ weight loss:

If you have body weakness and trying to lose your weight then you can use the roots of Vinca plant

Follow these steps:

  • Dry the roots of Vinca Plant by simply leaving under sunlight (Do not use any other means to dry the roots)
  • After drying make powder of these roots
  • Now take 100grm powder and add 400grm Sugar (Here: Sugar means rock sugar or ‘Mishri’) and mix them.
  • Take one spoon daily at morning & evening with milk or Luke warm water.

If you are not interested to prepare this powder then you can also boil the small amount of Vinca root in water and simply drink it

 All the experiments mentioned above are taken from Ayurveda and followed by standard ayurvedic books under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctors.  These experiments are recommended for general people and individually its effects can be varied. 
Above information mentioned on this website (www.gardenpunjab.com) is for general education purpose only, please consult your doctor before acting on any of these home remedies. These remedies are not recommended for pregnant ladies & people under serious medical treatment, in such cases please consult your doctor.

Give place to this beautiful flowering plant in your home garden and use it for herbal purposes without any hassle and beautify your home & health with periwinkle.

Thanks for reading this article, If you like, please share this useful information with your friends also.

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