Gardenpunjab designs and develops beautiful huts/cottage to enhance the beauty of  your garden.

Some Frequently Asked questions about hut/cottage manufacturing service:

Q1). What type of huts/cottage you prepare?

Ans. We prepare any type of huts like bamboo huts, paddy stubble huts etc.

Q2) Do you use concrete materials for making huts?

Ans. NO, we do not use any type of concrete materials (like cement, Bricks etc.).

Q3) Do you arrange the hut making materials yourself?

Ans. If you are able to provide us materials then its good otherwise you should have to bear the cost of material if we arrange (including the transportation charges from material site to your site)

Q4) How much time you take to prepare the cottage?

Ans. Depends on size of hut and material availability.

Q5) What are your charges/pricing for this service?

Ans. It depends on size of work, material price and manpower. Please contact us for more details.

E mail : [email protected]

Phone : +91 7889088896

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